Starting Out

Find out everything you need to know about being a new student at BCIT. From the day you receive your acceptance letter to your first day of classes, this section will give you all the information you need to be well prepared for your BCIT experience.

Health and Wellness

BCIT has many health and wellness services to help students stay healthy and safe while at school. Visit this section to find out more about the health and wellness services that students can access while at BCIT.


BCIT wants to see every student achieve their academic goals. Learning resources are in place to support students to succeed with their academic course work.

Student Life

We want to ensure that every student has a positive experience during their time at BCIT. Visit this section to find out about the many services that BCIT offers for students to build community and get the most out of their time at BCIT.

Graduating and Careers

BCIT wants to ensure a smooth transition for all students into their chosen career fields. There are many services in place to help support you to connect your academic world to your career world. From applied learning to job searches, BCIT has you covered when it comes to taking the necessary steps in your career path.