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Ironworkers helped to build the skyline you are appreciating right now!

Have you ever asked yourself just how some of the modern marvels of construction where built? Chances are there were ironworkers involved in the process.

From reinforced concrete towers to steel bridges it is hard not to observe the day-to-day work of an Ironworker. Ironworkers create the backbone of all large structures both concrete and steel. Reinforcing ironworkers fabricate and place reinforcing steel and pre-stressing strands into concrete structures. Structural ironworkers align, pin, bolt and weld structural steel members to create the framework from which other trades apply their craft. Ironworkers rig steel beams and bars while working with cranes to position these loads within the planned dimensions of a building. They coordinate their work to a blueprint and work to codes and standards to provide a building which is resilient and long-lasting.

Are you a team player? Can you coordinate your efforts with others? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment by seeing a job well done? Do you want an “in demand” career that pays well and will take you to great heights? Consider a career as an ironworker.

Right now ironworkers are in demand and busy building high-rises, bridges, dams, mines, refineries, smelters, shipyards, cranes, shops, warehouses, schools and almost every other structure imaginable throughout Canada.

Our programs

There are three separate ways to begin a career as an ironworker. All of these paths end in an interprovincial “Red Seal” certification.

Our Ironworker Foundation program is designed to give you an opportunity to develop practical workplace skills as an ironworker generalist (both reinforcing and structural). Successful completion of this program earns you a “Certificate of Trades Training”, which will lead you to employment and apprenticeship opportunities with our industry partners.

The Ironworker Generalist Apprenticeship program is designed for apprentices already registered with the SkilledTradesBC. The program provides condensed training to eligible apprentice candidates.

And the Ironworker Reinforcing Apprenticeship program is again designed for apprentices already registered with the ITA. It too provides condensed training to eligible apprentice candidates.

Missed an info session?

If you have missed the Ironworkers information session, you can watch the full video.

Note: This information session was held June 16, 2016 and topics discussed in this session are subject to change without notice.

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