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Workplace Education Course FSCT 0000

Forensic Investigation Course

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The required work period can be in a paid job, either temporary or permanent, in which students do productive work that is directly related to the core competencies of their chosen option within the B.Tech. degree in Forensic Investigation. An unpaid position may also be acceptable for a work period. Regardless, positions must clearly demand the application, at a professional level, of the core competencies of the B.Tech. program, and it is expected that such positions will involve regularly-scheduled work hours. The intent of the work period is to provide experiential learning for the purpose of complementing and supplementing the various theories and topics covered throughout the course of studies. The student will apply forensic skills, knowledge, and ability in a forensics-related area. A final work-period report will be submitted. Performance during the work period will be graded as satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U), according to BCIT Policy 5004 (Student Regulations Policy). NOTES: Students will not be allowed to apply work performed as part of their required work period towards their "capstone" graduation project. However, once the required hours have been reached and upon mutual agreement between all parties, the student may continue in the same organization to complete an appropriate graduation research project.


  • Completion of all required courses in the Liberal Studies, Legal Framework, Applied Management, Investigative Framework and Specialty areas of the degree program or by approval of the program coordinator.



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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the practicum period, students will be able to:

  • Work productively as a member of a team in a forensics-related setting, or in a discipline that utilizes techniques similar to those performed in an investigative capacity
  • Plan and perform duties that integrate and apply theories and classroom learning directly related to their course of study
  • Apply the skills of critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving
  • Interpret fact situations, data, cases, reports, etc., to which the body of knowledge gained during their course of study is relevant
  • Report results in a manner consistent with accepted standards and practices in their discipline
  • Utilize work experience in the development of communication skills, both oral and written

NOTE: The foregoing are high-level learning outcomes that are applicable to all Forensics B.Tech. students. As noted below, the nature, scope, and extent of the work to be performed by each student are to be agreed upon in advance by the student and the organization involved, documented, and approved in advance by the faculty coordinator. This agreement, which will be signed by the student, the program coordinator, and the organization’s representative, will document, for the student’s particular work assignment:

  • The specific learning outcomes expected (these will be mapped to the general-level outcomes above)
  • The precise nature, scope, and extent of the work the student will perform (this will demonstrably involve the application, by the student, of knowledge and skills that the student would be expected to have attained as part of his or her academic studies)
  • Specific requirements for the student to record, and report on, the completed work

All of the terms embodied in this agreement must be fulfilled by the student in order to complete the work period successfully.

Effective as of Spring/Summer 2011

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