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Voiceover Essentials BCST 2255

Broadcast Communications Part-time Studies Course

Course details

Have you ever been intrigued by the voice you hear on commercial advertisements or announcing the game, or the voices of your favorite cartoon characters? In this introductory workshop setting, you'll discover the essential elements of the commercial and animation voiceover industry. Explore key aspects of voiceover work in studio as you learn how to prepare for a demo, market yourself, and find opportunities within the expanding field of social media and voicing video and online projects.


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.



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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Work behind a microphone in a professional setting.
  • Voice a variety of scripts using professional techniques.
  • Demonstrate awareness of vocal resonators and proper warm-up techniques.
  • Apply techniques while speaking in front of large crowds or a studio audience.
  • Demonstrate professional studio etiquette and demeanor.
  • Break down a script.
  • Recognize and perform animation scripts for use with ADR and Pre Lay.
  • Maintain character reads and demonstrate basic character development.
  • Receive feedback and identify areas that require improvement.
  • Describe the various roles of a director, producer, engineer, client and agency.
  • Organize and prepare for a professional demo recording.
  • Explain marketing and networking techniques to gain further experience or employment.

Effective as of Fall 2018


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