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Shielded Metal ARC Basic (Stick) WELD 0104

Welding Part-time Studies Course

Course details

For those who have previous knowledge of the process or none at all. The course will cover basic theory and safety and then be flexible to adjust to each individual's skill set. CSA approved leather steel toed work boots and 100% cotton coveralls required.


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.



Not offered this term
This course is not offered this term through BCIT Part-time Studies. Please check back next term or subscribe to receive email updates.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the SMAW process.
  • Describe power sources for SMAW.
  • Identify the steps necessary in a welding station inspection.
  • Identify the dangers of electric shock in welding processes.
  • Describe safety rules for operating electric welding machines.
  • Identify types of currents and their applications.
  • Describe the effects of the volt-ampere curve on the welding arc.
  • Describe AC and DC welding machines.
  • Identify electrode holders, ground clamps and welding cables.
  • Describe the action of the SMAW electrode.
  • Identify the types and functions of SMAW electrode coatings.
  • Describe the four main types of SMAW electrodes.
  • Identify the most commonly used SMAW electrodes and their applications.
  • Describe basic care, handling and storage procedures for these electrodes.
  • Identify the five basic joints and their many variations.
  • Identify basic weld faults, their causes and way to avoid them.
  • Identify types of distortion and how to control it.
  • Strike an arc using both the tap and the scratch method.
  • Weld stringer and weave beads in the flat position.
  • Perform fillet welds on lap and tee joints in various positions as determined by the Instructor.

Effective as of Fall 2003


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