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Perioperative Clinical 2: Implementing the Scrub Nurse Role (Modified) NSPO 7530

Nursing Specialty Perioperative Course

Course details

This 100- hour clinical course is an introduction to perioperative nursing care of childbearing individuals with a primary focus on developing beginning competency in the scrub nurse role while implementing the NSPO 7430 theory content in the practice setting. NSPO 7530 is taken concurrently with NSPO 7330. Modified from NSPO 7350 to meet the needs of perinatal registered nurses working in specific and limited situations. By engaging in nursing practices that progress from simple to more complex, participants will learn to manage the sterile surgical environment and provide safe patient care during surgery. Participants will continue to learn about and apply the concept of caring through exploration of individuals’ intraoperative experiences. Learners will implement a framework for practice and develop skills, including the safe use of technology, to function independently as a scrub nurse at the entry level while caring for patients undergoing obstetric surgery. Application of the key concepts of safety and aseptic technique will promote creation of a safe and supportive perioperative environment for childbearing individuals and members of the surgical team. Learners will focus on using comprehensive assessment abilities to set up and monitor the sterile environment, develop a surgical conscience, and apply sound clinical decision-making processes in the intraoperative phase of perioperative care. The scrub nurse’s collaborative role with individuals, colleagues, instructors and members of the interdisciplinary surgical team is emphasized and scrub nurse opportunities to humanize the perioperative environment using collaborative strategies are promoted. In addition, aspects of the circulating nurse role which focus on supporting the scrub nurse and sterile team are introduced and practiced.




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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the learner will apply relevant theory and practice according to ORNAC standards in order to:

  • provide a safe environment for childbearing patients undergoing common, less complex surgery. This includes preparing and arranging the sterile field, monitoring and controlling the environment, performing surgical counts, demonstrating knowledge of the commonly used instrumentation and equipment, and using appropriate risk management strategies.
  • analyze data collected by self and other members of the perioperative team in order to identify/anticipate problems and make sound clinical decisions related to patients’ surgical intervention and the sterile environment.
  • implement measures that demonstrate the ability to individualize and humanize intraoperative nursing care and that demonstrate the development of a surgical conscience based on knowledge of anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique, advocacy, and monitoring and controlling the environment in the scrub role.
  • provide nursing care in a manner that encourages communication and collaboration with the patient and perioperative team members during surgical intervention.
  • provide competent and safe (organized and prioritized) intraoperative nursing care, utilizing appropriate manual dexterity, at a novice level as defined by ORNAC.

Effective as of Winter 2014


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