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Pediatric CC Preceptorship 2 NSPE 7410

Nursing Specialty Pediatric Course

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Course details

In the second preceptorship course, students focus on applying and integrating nursing knowledge to provide care for critically ill pediatric patients and their families. In this experience the student focuses on providing care for patients' experiencing trauma, acute respiratory failure and hemodynamic challenges. Students have opportunities to further develop their comprehensive assessment skills by providing safe, competent, and ethical nursing care for patients requiring mechanical ventilation and advanced hemodynamic monitoring in collaboration with their preceptors. Working in partnership with patients and families, students will develop an understanding of unique patient and family situations. Students will have opportunities to think critically, selecting and evaluating therapeutic interventions as they focus on developing interventions, clinical decision making. Participating and reflecting on ethical issues and collaboratively providing family-centred care are concepts that nurses continue to develop. Through the use of learning activities (case studies, application of a clinical decision making framework, journaling and personal reflection) students are provided with opportunities to build on the communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and systematic inquiry skills necessary to provide child and family-centered care in the pediatric critical care setting.


  • 75% in NSPE 7280
  • Registration with the Provincial Nursing Regulatory College and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Level C or Level Health Care Provider (HCP).



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Learning Outcomes

As a healthcare practitioner, you are expected to follow professional standards of practice throughout all SN programs and courses. In this course, you will have opportunities to use the processes of critical thinking, systematic inquiry, communication, collaboration, leadership, professionalism, and clinical decision-making. Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Use a clinical decision-making framework to guide decisions in the provision of patient and family care.
  • Demonstrate independent clinical decision making in pediatric critical care nursing during the care of pediatric patients and their families.
  • Use therapeutic communication, collaboration and partnership skills in the development and maintenance of nurse-child and nurse-family member relationships.
  • Document and articulate assessment findings and patient, family, and nursing concerns in a systematic and comprehensive manner.
  • Provide competent nursing care that acknowledges and encourages collaboration with the patient, family, and other inter-professional team members.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate nursing care of pediatric patients and their families which reflects consideration of available resources, principles of growth and development, knowledge of normal and pathologic physiology, family-centered care and standards of practice.
  • Provide safe, competent, and ethical nursing care for pediatric patients and their families experiencing a variety of health challenges (trauma, neurological injury, burns, septic shock, congenital cardiac defects, acute respiratory failure, and advanced hemodynamic instability).
  • Describe ethical issues commonly encountered in the pediatric critical care setting and identify issues that may contribute to moral distress.
  • Participate in ethical decision making in the pediatric critical care setting.

Effective as of Spring/Summer 2023

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