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Park Maintenance Management PRKS 3600

Parks Course

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This course provides an introduction to the requirements and process to establish an effective maintenance management program for a park facility. These elements include an inventory of the facilities, levels of service and facility standards, regular inspections and the recommendations for repair, replacement or scheduling of maintenance based on a system of facility safety and extended service life evaluation.


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.



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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

Module 1 - Introduction to Maintenance Management

  • Define the mandate and principles fundamental to BC Parks operations.
  • Define the general terms and concepts of facility maintenance management.
  • Explain maintenance activity types and their triggering conditions or events.
  • Explain the basic elements and components of a maintenance management system as it applies to BC Parks.
  • List the basic rating methods used to establish project priorities.

Module 2 - Inventories and Standards

  • Describe the basic database requirement for the operation of system-based maintenance management.
  • Define 'designed levels of service.'

Module 3 - Inspection and Analysis

  • Describe the components of an inspection program.
  • Explain the purposes of inspections, and how inspection requirements or schedules may be generated.
  • Explain the importance of inspections and quality control programs.
  • Define the types of inspection records that may be generated in an inspection program.
  • Define the Condition Ratings applicable to inspection programs.

Module 4 - Planning and Estimating

  • Explain the parts of the BC Parks project planning process.
  • Define subjective, justified and objective priority rating systems.
  • Explain how priority rating relates to developing work plans.
  • Explain how to assess the impact of factor changes on unit costs on projects.
  • Describe the basic components of project cost estimating.

Module 5 - Project Delivery

  • Define the information required to manage work organization and resources.
  • Explain the fundamentals of Project Management.
  • List the common risk management and transfer instruments used on projects, particularly in connection with contracted works and services.
  • Define the work methods and tendering procedures which would apply to specific situations.

Module 6 - Safety

  • List the primary provisions of the OIIP program.
  • Explain the purpose, and responsibility for, workplace inspections.
  • Describe where additional safety and testing expertise may be found.
  • Explain the basic principles of WCB regulations, and where to locate pertinent sections.
  • Explain the basic requirements of the WHMIS program.

Effective as of Fall 2003


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