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International fees are typically 3.12 times the domestic tuition. Exact cost will be calculated upon completion of registration.

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​This course is focused on advanced concepts in operating systems: inter-process communication, inter-core synchronization, memory organization and management, virtual memory, uniprocessor and multiprocessor scheduling, input/output management, modern storage strategies, file management and security. Concepts of processes and threads, inter-process communication, concurrency and synchronization will be discussed. Students will learn about the design of operating system structures and related algorithms and policies with a focus on performance and optimization. For example: placement and replacement memory algorithms, scheduling algorithms, resident set management and load control theories. The course will include an introduction to virtualization. To illustrate the concepts, each topic will include examples of real life design choices used in modern operating systems (e.g., UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Android).​


  • Acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science (BscACS) program.



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Course offerings

Fall 2024

Below is one offering of COMP 7035 for the Fall 2024 term.

CRN 50439


Wed Sep 11 - Wed Nov 27 (12 weeks)

  • 12 weeks
  • CRN 50439
  • Domestic fees $841.07
    International fees are typically 3.12 times the domestic tuition.
Class meeting times
Dates Days Times Locations
Sep 11 - Nov 27 Wed 18:30 - 22:15 Burnaby SW01 Rm. 3170

Mirela Gutica

Course outline

Course outline TBD — see Learning Outcomes in the interim.



Domestic fees


Important information
  1. Departmental approval needed
  2. International fees are typically 3.12 times the domestic tuition. Exact cost will be calculated upon completion of registration.
  3. 1. Please email for departmental approval. Include your student number (A0#), course number (COMP__) and preferred CRN. 2. This is a BScACS course. 3. BScACS program students have up to seven (7) years to complete the Bachelor program starting from the date of their first Technical degree-level course or the date of acceptance to the Bachelor program, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.

Sneak Preview

This section is only available for registration starting Wed May 22, 2024 at 9:00 am (PDT)

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast design strategies used for various operating systems.
  • Discuss concepts of processes, threads, concurrency and synchronization.
  • Analyze solutions for inter-process communication and inter-core synchronization for real-life concurrent problems.
  • Explain how the memory management system operates, including virtual memory, logical/physical addressing schemes, swapping, segmentation, and paging.
  • Discuss the advantages and challenges of virtual memory design.
  • Analyze page replacement algorithms (for example: FIFO, LRU, optimal, clock, working set) implemented for virtual memory management.
  • Apply frame allocation algorithms for virtual memory management (for example: equal, proportional, local, and global).
  • Analyze algorithms implemented for uniprocessor and multiprocessor scheduling (for example: FCFS, SRT, priority scheduling, multilevel queue scheduling).
  • Compare and contrast different scheduling algorithms.
  • Describe the I/O management and file management systems.
  • Analyze algorithms used for disk scheduling (for example: FCFS, SSTF, SCAN, CSCAN, FSCAN, LOOK).
  • Discuss modern storage strategies including cloud storage.
  • Describe security threats and attacks as well as various countermeasures to such attacks.
  • Describe virtual machines for virtualization and their benefits, building blocks and their life cycles.​

Effective as of Fall 2023

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