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Concepts in Electrophysiology CARD 5301

Cardiology/Cardiovascular Course

Course details

This course is the first of three theoretical courses intended to introduce you to the field of Cardiac Electrophysiology. While this course is intended to stand alone as much as possible, it is expected that you should already have a good understanding of both electrocardiography (ECG), the components of a surface ECG (P, QRS, T), cardiac anatomy and physiology as well as pathophysiology and a relatively good understanding of various cardiac arrhythmias, such as heart block, atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia, and ventricular tachycardia. A cursory knowledge of cardiac pharmacology would also be an asset. This course will focus on the basics of the cardiac electrophysiology study. It is intended to give you the basic knowledge of what goes on in the EP lab. It is also intended to stimulate your appetite for a greater understanding of electrophysiology to prepare you for subsequent courses in EP. This course is designed to acquaint you with a basic understanding of the techniques used and electrograms obtained during an electrophysiology study. It includes the anatomy and physiology of the conduction system, 12 Lead ECG interpretation as it pertains to electrophysiology, electrophysiology of cardiac muscle, cardiac pharmacology, electrophysiology technology and the signals seen at a baseline EP study in sinus rhythm. We will also introduce you to the equipment we use in EP, the uniqueness of the conduction system, the intracardiac signals we see, the basic function of cardiac tissue and the affects that various medications have on cardiac tissue.






Course offerings

Winter 2023

Below is one offering of CARD 5301 for the Winter 2023 term.

CRN 48924


Wed Jan 04 - Fri Mar 24 (12 weeks)

  • 12 weeks
  • CRN 48924
  • $656.59
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Jan 04 - Mar 24 N/A N/A Distance

Emily Murtagh

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Important information
  1. Guided learning format.
  2. Important course information will be sent to you prior to your course start date. Check your myBCIT email account to access this information.
  3. This online Learning Hub course is for students in the Cardiology Diploma, Cardiac Rhythm Device Technology Option, Cardiovascular Technology Option, and Electrophysiology Technology Option programs. Students are responsible for ensuring prerequisite courses are completed PRIOR to registration. See course description for a list of individual prerequisites. IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration is available on an individual course basis for those who wish to take continuing education credits (Max 3 courses). Registration does not imply admission to the program. This course may be subject to cancellation if registration numbers are low.

In Progress

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the anatomy and physiology of the conduction system of the heart and articulate how the autonomic nervous system affects it.
  • Explain the RABI approach to interpretation of 12 Lead ECGs, including axis and AV blocks. Further, correlate the basic EP intervals to the surface ECG.
  • Specify the cardiac action potentials including phases and refractory periods and the effect of the autonomic nervous system on them.
  • Describe the classifications of antiarrhythmic medications, their affects on action potentials and their use in various tachycardias.
  • Identify and differentiate the technology used in electrophysiology testing.
  • Articulate the catheters used in an EP study, their locations within the heart, the electrograms seen and the intervals measured.
  • Identify the diagnostic and therapeutic indications for electrophysiology testing
  • Identify the mechanism of arrhythmogenesis: automaticity, re-entry and triggered activity

Effective as of Fall 2020

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