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Area Manager Road Certification In-field Practicum AMRC 1017

Area Manager Roads Civil Course

Course details

The Road Area Manager (RAM) In-Field Practicum was developed to supplement the technical road construction courses of the Area Manager Road Certification (AMRC). The Practicum was developed with consideration of the Road Area Manager job description and baseline day to day duties to ensure that the RAM is well-positioned to serve their communities and the local area in which they reside. The Practicum will provide an in-field opportunity for the RAM to observe, explore, exercise and demonstrate that they understand overarching introductory principles and best practices they learned in the courses. The Practicum is ‘observational task based’ with field and paper exercises to affirm learning objectives. The Practicum is intended to: Introduce and provide exposure of the RAM to various resources available Connect knowledge learned in course materials with hands on learning through in-field activities Be flexible, as logistics will vary from year to year Be student-led and scheduled with support from their supervisor (Sponsor) and the venues’ subject matter experts (Facilitators). The In-Field Practicum has three venues: Major Works Construction Project; Gravel Pit; and Local Contractor Activities (Highway Maintenance and/or Hired Equipment)




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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Link learning in ARMC courses to aspects in the field.
  • Acknowledge best practices in construction safety to minimize site hazards.
  • Recognize the Prime Contractor’s role to ensure safe execution of the project.
  • Relate MOTI’s Standard Specifications for Highway Construction to aspects on project sites.
  • Describe best practices to ensure the safety of the travelling public during construction or maintenance activities.
  • Recognize the District roles and responsibilities throughout the project life cycle.
  • Relate contract or agreement documents to aspects in the field.
  • Recall the fundamental steps in culvert installation.

Effective as of Winter 2022


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