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Advanced Fire Fighting Officer Certification MEDI 2500

Marine Emergency Duties Part-time Studies Course

Course details

The course teaches students to competently inspect and maintain all emergency equipment; maintain fixed fire detection and extinguishing systems, respond professionally to an emergency, keep a log of salient events during an emergency, control passengers and untrained personnel during an emergency; respond professionally to a distress call and execute a search and rescue of survivors; and conduct formal on board familiarization and training sessions.


  • A valid Seafarers Medical or completed Medical Clearance form A valid Basic Safety Training Certificate, 16 years of age or older.



Not offered this term
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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • State initial response of bridge, deck, and engine-room watch to emergency situations.
  • Describe how on-board familiarization and safety training is conducted for new crew members.
  • Explain how members of fire parties are trained including fire patrol systems.
  • Explain how to direct and control passengers during an emergency.
  • Complete an incident report form T88-1808 using examples from various given incident.
  • Explain procedures required in case of injured person.
  • Recognize value of leadership in pre-planning for contingencies.
  • Identify different types of internal communication systems.
  • Describe types of fire detection and extinguishing installations.
  • Explain duties of Rescue Coordination Centre and On-Scene Commander.
  • Describe, through mini lectures, search patterns.
  • Describe, through mini lectures, the inspection and maintenance of all emergency equipment on board a vessel.

Effective as of Winter 2009


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