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Applied and Natural Sciences

You see yourself working outside, maybe in a lab, or a little of both. Perhaps you’re interested in the environment, or are good at researching and solving problems.

BCIT's programs in applied and natural sciences contribute to the betterment of society and the environment: from sustainability to chemical sciences, and biotechnology to forensics. Lead and innovate solutions that will transform the world around us.

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Business and Media

You like problem solving. Finance, advertising, communications or the idea of owning your own business excites you.

BCIT's Business and Media programs provide you with the hands-on training and problem-solving skills that employers want. Whether you're building a career in finance, marketing, management or new media, you'll gain practical experience and team-oriented abilities across all of our programs.

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Computing and Information Technology

You are innovative and computer savvy. You need to be the first to know about the latest in technology.

Work with the latest technology, develop solutions to complex problems, and be a leader in your field.

BCIT's computing and information technology programs give you the opportunity to learn how computer systems and related technologies work and how they can be used to develop the next wave of computer innovation. Whether your interest lies in hardware/systems, software, or Internet/web, our graduates learn the applied IT skills needed for long-term technology careers.

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Engineering and Technical Studies

BCIT Engineering gives you a practical education to design solutions for a brighter future.

With a wide array of engineering programs to choose from, you can bolster your career with everything from Diplomas of Technology to Bachelors of Engineering.

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Health Sciences

You enjoy helping people. You are interested in how the human body works, and want to work with others to improve situations.

Work with the latest health-science technology and techniques, and contribute in a rewarding and meaningful way to the world around you. Discover how the human body works, and help develop ways to keep it working well or make it work better.

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Trades, Vocational and Apprenticeship

BCIT's Trades and Apprenticeship programs offer practical, hands-on training for solid careers. With expert instruction in dozens of program areas, and strong industry ties, you'll enjoy career advantage from day one.

Take your interest in how things are made and how they work to the next level with trades and apprenticeship at BCIT. Learn how proven methods and emerging technologies come together in one of the most active fields in western Canada.

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