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This is a preparatory course for students to write the Transport Canada “ELECTROTECHNOLOGY 3rd Class” examination paper towards their Transport Canada 3rd Class “Motor” Certificate of Competency. All topics covered in this course are listed in TP 2293E under 28.7 – ELECTROTECHNOLOGY (EXAMINATION CODE: 3ELC), and these are: Ohm’s law, DC circuit calculations, power calculations, circuit analysis, magnetism, and batteries; Introduction to AC circuits, resistance, reactance, impedance, and power factor; Elementary treatment of DC and AC machines; Single phase transformers; Parallel operation of AC generators, voltage regulators, and load sharing; Electrical test instruments; Diodes and rectifiers.


  • 4th Class Engineering Certificate (steam and/or motor).



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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Solve electric circuits for current and voltage, and calculate power and energy.
  • Discuss chemical action in lead acid and alkaline cells.
  • Describe periodic maintenance for lead acid and alkaline batteries.
  • Connect batteries in series and parallel.
  • State the three effects of electric current, and give example of each.
  • Describe Oersted’s experiment, and sketch magnetic field surrounding a current-carrying conductor.
  • Sketch a solenoid, a magnet used to lift steel plate.
  • Sketch and describe how a series, shunt, and compound DC machine is wound, and the care and maintenance of these machines.
  • Sketch and describe voltmeter, ammeter, and wattmeter.
  • Parallel three phase generators.
  • Understand the operation of electronic devices commonly used on ships.

Effective as of Winter 2016


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