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SAP has partnered with BCIT to launch the Centre of Excellence in Analytics, powered by SAP in response to declining enrollment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs at post-secondary institutions, and a shortage of skilled professionals in the computer sciences, including business analytics.

Part of SAP’s corporate social responsibility mission is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives by enhancing education and entrepreneurship initiatives. The partnership with BCIT drives innovation and creates a lasting impact on society that will ultimately foster economic growth. Bringing to the table state-of-the-art analytics solutions and a commitment to bridge the IT skills gap, SAP is proud to be part of the solution. The Centre of Excellence in Analytics at BCIT will equip students with the technical knowledge, workplace experiences, and industry expertise to be successful in a new economy.

About SAP

For more than 40 years, SAP has helped businesses of all sizes and industries run better and simpler through world-class software solutions that solve complex problems to help invent, commercialize, and mainstream the products and services of the global economy. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. From modest beginnings, the company has grown into the world’s largest provider of business software in more than 130 countries. Its portfolio of solutions is currently used by more than 258,000 of the world’s best-run businesses, touch more than 75% of the world’s financial transaction revenue, and impact billions of people.

SAP’s analytics solutions accelerated by in-memory computing are enabling people to make better informed decisions, even faster, despite the volume, velocity, and variety of big data. In Canada, SAP has helped more than 2,500 businesses across 25 industries stay ahead of rapid change for 25 years. Our social investments in education and entrepreneurship to the local communities we serve, including Vancouver, have enabled dozens of nonprofits in the country to drive meaningful social impact for Canadian citizens. A partnership with BCIT drives the core of its Corporate Social Responsibility mission and leverages SAP’s business assets to connect young adults directly to technology career pathways and improve the long-term pipeline of trained talent for the technology sector. For more information, visit