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Solution Builder and Designer

Get the skills to make a difference

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Are you passionate about building design and committed to a more sustainable future?

As a solution builder or designer you would work at the leading edge of green design and energy innovation. From managing technical projects to designing energy-efficient buildings, systems and products, you would excel at balancing technical skill and theory.

Plans are needed for new buildings and structures, but also retrofits for older ones that incorporate LEED principles (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Want to create the construction plans that will make them a reality?

Get the skills to make a difference – explore the programs featured to the left.

Big opportunity

According to ECO Canada very high growth in worker demand is expected in the following areas:

  • Carbon & climate change mitigation
  • Heat savings and energy-efficiency
  • Renewable energy resources (wind, solar, thermal, etc.)
  • Alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles

Big impact

48% of Canada’s energy is used by industry. Add to that all the resources used in commercial transportation and construction, and it becomes clear, if you want to make big change you have to start at the top. With a BCIT education in technical or management skills, you will be equipped to have an impact at the industrial level where the results can be huge. Get the knowledge you need to be an “industrial strength” change agent. Make a big impact on energy and resource conservation, choose your path to a green career above.

Sustainability at BCIT

As an institute BCIT is committed to Sustainability. An example is the Centre for Architectural Ecology – Collaborations in Living Architecture, Acoustics and Building Science.