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In a Digital World…

… a career in GIS can take you where you want to go.

Environmental Management. Land Use Planning. Engineering. Natural Resource Management. Transportation. Real Estate. Utilities. Business and Marketing. Mineral Exploration. Health and Social Services.

The list goes on. The potential uses of GIS technology are numerous and diverse, and are found everywhere – from local government to the United Nations, from community organizations to global corporations, in the public and private sectors.

Geospatial technology use is growing at a rapid pace around the world and exciting opportunities for well educated and trained people are increasing.

Whether you are a recent university or college graduate getting started in a career, or an experienced professional seeking new employment opportunities or career advancement, we invite you to explore our programs and courses to learn more.

The Advanced Certificate in GIS is designed for a person with a full-time career, (e.g. engineer, urban planner, retail analyst), who needs to add some GIS knowledge to their existing skill set, but not be a major component of their job. After completion of the Advanced Certificate, there is an opportunity for the person to take either the Advanced Diploma or the Bachelor of Technology in GIS.

The Advanced Diploma program in GIS is aimed at university or college graduates who seek an intensive technical education that will prepare them for a career in GIS.

The Bachelor of Technology in GIS covers the same courses as the Advanced Diploma, with additional studies in management and liberal arts, and includes a GIS work experience. The BTech in GIS is a degree completion program for those with an associate degree or college diploma who need a baccalaureate education.

Our GIS courses can be completed in either a Full-time or Flexible Learning format. All Flexible Learning courses are available through online learning.

Note: This information session was held May 21, 2020 and topics discussed in this session are subject to change without notice.

“The exposure to a large number of topics helped me gain experience that is suitable for a wide variety of careers. Strong critical thinking skills and an ability to balance multiple projects demonstrate a robust work ethic which employers look for and value.”

Tia McKillop, Class of 2016

“I’m so happy that I chose BCIT’s Advanced Diploma in GIS. The amount of knowledge packed into the courses fully prepared me to pursue a GIS career in any industry. The wide course selection provided theoretical concepts and practical technical skills. Not only did I learn about cartographic principles, GIS technology/software, and programming languages, but also important management skills that I have carried into my career. I highly suggest the program to anyone interested in a GIS career.”

Sarah Croft, BA (Honours), Dipl. GIS Class of 2013

“I would highly recommend the BCIT GIS Advanced Diploma program. The program offered me an incredible hands-on learning opportunity and set me up for success in my career. The coursework was challenging, engaging and deeply relevant while the practicum component helped me develop immediate experience within the GIS industry.”

Brian Pont, Class of 2005

“The very technical nature of the program combined with programming language exposure, challenging labs requiring considerable personal problem solving, usage of web applications for specific labs and assignments, industry project design, implementation and management experience and the other comprehensive skills obtained have helped to put us a step ahead….the BCIT GIS Program has provided me with solid skills and experience”

Mike Fowler, Class of 2004