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Over 20,000 students have learned web coding at BCIT.

BCIT Computing Part-time Studies offers 3 separate web development credentials, course by course at night and on the weekends.

Do you want to explore web development?

Web Development Fundamentals is a Statement of Completion and a a sub-set of AWD. The first 3 web coding courses may be completed in as little as 12 weeks, depending on the delivery. Students can continue with the advanced elective in the following term and work toward AWD.

Do you want to learn Front-end and Back-end?

Applied Web Development, AWD focuses on using industry standard methods and scripting tools to plan, document, design and build commercial-quality web pages and web sites with the most popular current technologies.

Students learn hand coding in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Required courses include data modelling, database, SQL, business analysis, systems design and web application development.

Electives options provide choices in: UX/UI, Project Management, Mobile Apps, Angular and Vue, Node.js, React and advanced web applications. Students who complete AWD will be able to develop and manage commercial quality web pages and web sites.

Do you want to learn Web Application Programming?

Web and Mobile Application Development, WMA is aimed at Object Oriented programmers who already know how to build software applications in Java and C#. WMA is a second level associate certificate that requires students to first complete Applied Software Development, ASD.

Students must have Java and C# application development experience, as well as business analysis and systems design, plus prior HTML5 and CSS3 experience before being allowed to declare credential.

There is a focus on JavaScript, advanced web scripting, Angular and Vue, Node.js, and React in conjunction with ASP.NET and advanced web application design.

Electives include: Android and mobile, iOS applications, Java web apps, quality assurance and containers. Students who complete WMA will be able to develop commercial quality software applications that run on web sites and mobile devices.

Start with just one course

COMP 1850 – Introduction to Web Development
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