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BCIT Imaging is the production centre for replenishment of your critical forms and stationery. Forms and stationery include:

  • Corporate letterhead (obtain this stock from Central Stores)
  • Custom-branded letterhead or envelopes – discuss production with BCIT Imaging. These are cross-charged items.
  • Cash reports
  • Enrolment forms
  • Personalized memo pads
  • Campus maps
  • Tent cards

All items can be ordered through the new Digital Storefront (DSF).

Since 2006-07, BCIT Imaging and Information Access and Privacy have been partners in an institute audit of all BCIT forms. We are aligning all BCIT forms to conform to the BCIT graphic standards.

Fillable (or interactive) forms

BCIT Imaging also offers the creation or conversion of forms from static PDF or printed forms to interactive or ‘fillable’ format. By fillable, we mean the recipient will be able to type directly onto the form and save the form for emailing or printing.

If your department could benefit from this type of form format, please email the form number (found in the lower/left corner of the printed version) to and the form will be converted.

As a reminder, if you have any internally created BCIT forms and would like them to conform to BCIT graphic standards, please send those as an attachment via email and we will format them, add them to our forms management system and, if requested, will create a fillable form for you.

As an additional reminder, policy 6701, procedure PR-1 [PDF]  states that all BCIT forms be part of the BCIT Imaging forms management system – typeset to meet graphic standards, pass a privacy and records classification review, given a form number and logged into our forms management system (so we can track revisions). Internally or departmentally created forms (unless unseen by any external parties or students) is discouraged because they do not support the BCIT brand.

If you have any questions, please email