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Accessibility Committee Members

Purpose and mandate

The Committees will promote the Institute’s compliance with each standard that is regulated under the Accessible British Columbia Act, develop and update from time to time an Accessibility Plan.

In addition, the committee’s mandate is to help the Institute implement relevant parts of the Strategic Plan, in particular: Empowering People; Shaping BC; and aligning with our values of Championing Diversity and Inclusion, Engaging with Respect, and Pursuing Collaboration.

Guiding principles

The committee must have regard for the following principles in carrying out its mandate:

  • Access: Persons should have barrier-free access to education, services, places, events, and other functions that are generally available to BCIT community members;
  • Equity: Persons should have barrier-free access to those things that will give them equity of education, opportunity and outcome;
  • Universal design: Access should be provided in a manner that does not establish or perpetuate differences based on a person’s disability; and
  • Systemic responsibility: The responsibility to identify, prevent, and remove barriers rests with the person or organization that is responsible for establishing or perpetuating the barrier.