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Earn a Degree That is Highly Valued by the Industry

Fall 2023 Program Change:
The Computer Systems Technology Bachelor of Technology (CST BTech) has transformed into a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science (BScACS). 


The Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science prepares you to thrive in the exciting tech sector. Our grads design and develop complex software and maintain the systems that underpin modern life.

Students may earn this degree in two delivery formats.

Full-time Studies (2 years)

Part-time Studies (up to 7 years)

Who it’s for

This program is for individuals who:

  • Graduates of Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma or others with two years of equivalent undergraduate computer science education. Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma graduates are also eligible with appropriate bridging courses, and should contact staff for more information.
  • Enjoy working on fast-paced teams on complex projects
  • Are curious about how things work from a technological and design perspective, and enjoy learning by doing
  • Want to develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills

Our program is in demand, and is a competitive entry program, see the Entrance Requirements page of your preferred option for more detailed information.

What grads can do

  • Join the exciting tech sector in roles such as computer scientist, programmer analyst or software engineer
  • Apply computer science theory and best practices to design, implement and develop complex software systems in a range of industries from health care to green technology
  • Develop software products and systems to improve organizational performance, sustainability, and society
  • Enjoy expanded career opportunities and increased salary range due to having a bachelor-level credential
  • Choose to further their studies at the masters or doctoral level

Choosing full-time or part-time?