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Ecocity World Summit 2022

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The Ecocity World Summit 2022 took place February 22 – 24, 2022. It is the longest running event on ecocities in the world, and provides the tools to rebuild and bring balance to urban ecosystems. The Summit hosted about 500 attendees from 65 different countries. The event went fully online after postponement from 2021 due to the pandemic.

The Summit takes place every two years in a different city. BCIT hosted the last Ecocity World Summit in Vancouver, BC, in 2019, from which the Centre for Ecocities was created as a legacy initiative.

The 2022 event was hosted by Delft University with support from the keeper of the Ecocity World Summit series, Ecocity Builders. The following ecocity topics were presented at this year’s Summit by Centre team members and colleagues at BCIT.

The Remaining 60%—How to Empower Citizens to Support Climate Policy and Reduce their Footprints

  • Presenter: Cora Hallsworth, Centre for Ecocities Manager of Municipal Programs

An Integral Foundation for Ecologically Healthy Cities: Sustainability and Indigenization

  • Presenters: Kory Wilson, Executive Director, Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships and Christina Olsen, Acting Director, Centre for Ecocities

Correlation between Transit Use, Pollution, and Socioeconomic Status in Major Cities

Registered participants are able to access all session recordings until May 24, 2022.

The next Ecocity World Summit will be held in London, England from June 6-8, 2023.