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Card Holder’s Agreement

The BCIT ID card is the mandated identity, access, and library card for the five permanent campuses:

  • Burnaby campus
  • Downtown campus, Seymour Street, Vancouver
  • Marine campus in North Vancouver
  • Aerospace and Technology campus in Richmond
  • Annacis Island campus in Delta

Card fee

$2.50 per term is assessed at your point of registration if you are enrolled in a class, course, or program of study that comprises a minimum of 30 contact hours. BCIT’s schedule has three terms — Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer — so the highest fee you’ll pay is $7.50 per year.

When your fees are in effect, your card is valid for campus services such as the Library or gym, but outside of the paid enrolment period it is not.

Conditions of issue & use

Use of BCIT ID card is governed by these conditions and the policies of BCIT.

  • The card remains the property of BCIT at all times and is non-transferable.
  • With the acceptance of the card, the cardholder is responsible for transactions made with the card or use of BCIT property authorized by this card.
  • Lost, stolen and fraudulent uses of the card are to be reported to Campus Security.
  • BCIT will respond to any fraudulent use of the card through both criminal prosecution and the student discipline policies of the Institute.
  • BCIT is not liable for lost or stolen cards – no refunds will be issued for debit balances in the case of lost or stolen cards.
  • A $11 fee will be charged for replacement of lost, damaged or stolen cards.
  • The cardholder will not damage or alter the card in any manner.
  • BCIT reserves the right to revoke use of the card or have the card returned on demand.
  • As this is a photo-ID card, the most visible image is desirable. Please remove dark glasses and hats. BCIT ID card appreciates your co-operation in this area.
  • BCIT ID card conditions and policies are subject to change as necessary. Any changes form part of these conditions. Information at is considered the most current information.
  • Validity and expiry are different. Your BCIT ID card is valid for access to campus services (Library or gym access, etc.) only during paid registration terms.
  • Expiry dates printed on BCIT ID card are multi-term for both full-time and part-time students.