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book cover soul of fraser

The Soul of the Fraser is the sequel to the Heart of the Fraser, and focuses on the estuary, the most ecologically sensitive and threatened ecosystem in the entire Fraser River. It tells the story of this important intertidal habitat, where the ocean’s saltwater meets the river’s fresh water. The estuary, which has experienced myriad developmental pressures for over a century, faces an uncertain future due continuing development, a failure by all levels of government to provide a coordinated governance mechanism, and the existential threat of sea level rise from climate change, which could be the end of the estuary as we know it. The Soul of the Fraser includes essays by 12 different contributors who represent the past, present, and future of the Fraser estuary, with perspectives from three generations of scientists and environmental engineers, including three BCIT graduate students.

The Soul of the Fraser is available to order via Fraser River Discovery Centre.

Book cover and other high resolution photos from the book are available for download here. Photography by Fernando Lessa.