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A safety officer at the Site Safety Apparel sign.

A Construction Safety Officer (CSO) is responsible for ensuring required safety protocols are followed on a work site. A CSO will conduct safety orientation for new workers, and give crew-talks to keep personnel informed about safety. They will also conduct and document site inspections, site hazard audits, and maintain site safety plans to ensure that work being done on a site follows safety regulation.

BCIT provides training to students who wish to pursue a career as a safety professional through the CNST 1100 – Construction Safety Officer Training course. Please visit the course webpages for details on the dates, costs, and locations of the individual courses.

Following the successful completion of the CNST 1100 course, students can apply for their Construction Safety Officer Certificate by registering with the Applied Science Technicians and Technologists of BC (ASTTBC). This certification process is apparently under review by ASTTBC and may be discontinued sometime in 2024. For further information, please contact the ASTTBC directly.


CNST 1100 – Construction Safety Officer Training
Basic skills required to work as a Construction Safety Officer.

Further education

BCIT’s Construction Safety Officer Training classes are often a starting point for safety professionals. A maximum of 5 credits from the CNST 1100 and CNST 1104 classes can be applied to the Advanced Safety Management program which is delivered through distance education.

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For further information on Construction Safety Officer Training at BCIT, please contact Matt Magee, the program assistant, at 604-454-2266.

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