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The province of British Columbia through the Licensing and Consumer Services – LCS (formerly the Homeowner Protection Office – HPO) is now requiring that individuals and general contractors for residential construction meet the requirements of an enhanced licensing system. This is to safeguard the homebuyers by requiring existing builders and new licences to meet higher standards that are required in the BC residential sector. BCIT has been designated as one of the education providers.

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Rohi Nath, PEng
Program Head
Phone: 604-412-7477

Theresa Udevi-Aruevoru
Program Assistant
Phone: 604-412-7411

For BLDT 1031 Enquiries Contact:

Ajmer Sekhon
Program Head, Flexible Learning
Phone: 604-432-8586

Julie Roberts
Program Assistant, Construction Operations and Construction Supervision Flexible Learning
Phone: 604-453-4082

For VENT 1824 Enquiries Contact:

Candace Marrington
Program Assistant, SOB-Marketing Management
Phone: 604-432-8723


Qualification courses

To meet the needs of the residential industry and the academic requirements of the province of British Columbia through Licensing and Consumer Services, BCIT is currently providing the following, click on the BCIT course numbers  below to see course details:


BC Housing Core Competency Requirements BCIT Course
Relevant Enactments BLDC 1500
Construction Management and Supervision BLDT 1031
Construction Technology BLDC 3050
Customer Service and Home Warranty Insurance BLDC 1010
Financial Planning and Budget Management BLDC 1020
Legal Issues BLDC 1030
Business Planning, Management and Administration VENT 1824


Qualification requirements for new residential builders

Effective March 4, 2016 the new provincial qualification regulations came into effect for new residential builders. BCIT is providing all seven approved courses. These seven approved courses are required for new residential builders wishing to become a licensed residential builder in the province of British Columbia. The courses are designed to meet the academic requirements in the seven core competency areas required for the new residential builder in British Columbia. These courses are also suitable for existing home builders who require academic qualification, individuals seeking general knowledge in this area, building officials, engineers, architects and designers who are currently involved in the residential sector of the building industry.

For information on the requirements of becoming a licensed residential builder or certification with the BC Consumer Protection Office, please visit BC Housing – Licensing & Consumer Services.

Continuous professional development (CPD) courses

Effective fall 2015 general contractors renewing their license are required to take appropriate informal and formal courses which meet the CPD requirements. Various BCIT courses have been approved by the Licensing and Consumer Services as CPD courses. The current list of approved informal and formal BCIT courses from the Architectural and Building Technology – Part-time Studies for CPD are listed below:

Entrance Requirements

Course Details

Time to complete “Qualification Courses”

By taking two or more courses per term, it is possible to complete all the “Qualification Courses” within one year. These courses may be taken in any order.

Course Matrix

Check current availability of courses for this program.