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Advancing safety culture at BCIT and across the province of BC

Safety in Construction & the Environment

The School of Construction and the Environment (SOCE) along with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) are committed to educating, helping, sharing and advancing the safety culture for all students, faculty, industry/educational partners, affiliations and workers across our province. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements for occupational health and safety in the workplace. We endeavor to provide the safe use of tools, procedures, materials, equipment, and processes for work and study. Our mission is to achieve an accident free, healthy environment for all to work and learn in. We believe the best in occupational health and safety belongs to everyone, and we are dedicated to sharing our advancements in safety with the greater construction and educational communities.

Featured videos

This video shows the safe working procedures and operation of our spot welder.

A student shares her experience with using a QR code to access safety videos.

Safety videos

Featured Story

BCIT Joinery wins AWMAC WorkSafeBC Safety Innovation Award

The BCIT Joinery Department was awarded the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) WorkSafeBC Safety Innovation Award 2018. Faculty and staff worked together on improving the awareness and quality of safe work procedures in the Joinery shop: signage was posted throughout the shop, safe work procedures were placed on all machinery, and a complete Student Orientation Booklet was created. The Booklet carries all the safe work procedures, pre-operational safety checks, and notes the potential hazards of shop floor machinery.

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For more information about Safety at the School of Construction and the Environment, please contact David Dunn, Associate Dean, Building Design and Construction Trades.

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