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The new IT Service Catalogue has launched!


The new IT Service Catalogue has launched!

The IT Service Catalogue provides an easier way for you to learn about our services and make requests 24/7. Our catalogue contains service pages where you can get information as such as availability, support, cost, and things you can request for each service offering. Each page also contains information to help you get to related knowledge articles so that you can help yourself find answers on how to use our supported technologies.

Once you are ready to make a request or report an issue, you will be asked to log in and then brought straight to the form you need. From there, tickets will be automatically directed to the appropriate service team for action which reduces the time to resolve your request. The IT Service Catalogue currently has 12 Service Categories providing hundreds of request options. Most of these options use tailor-made form designed to ensure we receive all of the information we need to process your requests faster!

The IT Service Catalogue is designed following BCIT Web standards and allows you to search and navigate using the following easy-to-use methods:

    • Keyword Search
    • Visual Menu
    • Left-side navigation panel
    • A-Z Listing