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Industry Services

BCIT offers many services to businesses and organizations. Improve your employees’ skills and knowledge through corporate training, analyze your business through a student consulting project, increase productivity with a student intern, or fill job openings with qualified candidates for your organization.

Corporate & Contract Training

Photo looking down at a group of people meeting and sitting at a round table.

Receive customized training at one of BCIT’s campuses or on-site at your workplace. Curriculum can be designed or modified to address your specific educational needs and requirements.


Student Internship, Practicum, & Consulting Projects

Photo of one person pointing to a screen and another person sitting at a desk looking at the screen of a laptop.

BCIT students work with local companies in a wide range of roles, such as providing recommendations and solutions to a business problem or challenge, building a website or fixing a computing issue, or investigating ways to increase energy efficiency.


Student Co-ops

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Co-ops are a great way to fill entry-level positions with students who are ready and eager to apply their skills in the workplace.



Applied Research

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Work with researchers, students, engineers and technicians to solve industry challenges. We can assist with the development of commercially relevant technology products and applications.


Student Employment Services

Photo of a people attending a career fair.

Post available jobs through BCIT’s eJobs web-based job posting service, which automatically emails listings to a targeted group of qualified candidates. Learn how you can participate in a BCIT Career Fair.


Facility Rentals & Conference Services

Photo of conference room set up for a banquet.

BCIT has a wide range of facilities, packages, services and technologies to host your meeting, conference or event.



Film Location Rentals & Support

Photo of bcit media building for film location rentals and support.

Access locations at BCIT campuses for film and video productions.