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Summer 2023 Lab and Hardware Changes

Windows 11 for labs

As part of our summer upgrades every year, IT Services (ITS) deploys a new “base image” with all the latest Windows updates, tools, baseline software and custom BCIT configurations. This year, we will be deploying Windows 11 to all the ITS-maintained computer lab spaces (see the list).

Note for faculty and staff: There will also be a process for updating your admin computers to Windows 11 coming in the fall. The infrastructure to support the update to admin computers is not currently in place, and we are focusing on term-start lab software in the summer.

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Lab hardware upgrades

BCIT labs will update the typical lease replacements this summer, as well as additional upgrades for labs with significantly older equipment to ensure all hardware at BCIT is compatible with Windows 11. This will be a busy summer with over 2000 computer replacements (typically this is closer to 1200).

Faculty: Once hardware has been replaced for your lab areas, please take extra care to test your environment and ensure all your software is working as expected before the September term begins.

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Access to OneDrive in labs

OneDrive functionality in the labs will be changing this summer. BCIT’s initial deployment of OneDrive included making a user’s OneDrive available through File Explorer on any logged in BCIT device (including lab computers), as well as syncing of files on that device. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this cause problems for many users, especially if they’re logged into more than one computer at a time (such as a lab computer and their own personal or BCIT-provided admin laptop).

To prevent these problems, starting in September 2023 we’re removing that specific functionality on lab computers only (your personal device or staff or faculty laptop won’t be affected by this change). But don’t worry! As always, you can always access your OneDrive through the website:

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Return of the home drive

For several years, BCIT computers have not provided users with access to a home drive. Starting in summer 2023, home drives will be universally available as there are a number of use cases across a number of schools and programs where it is very useful. If your program does not require the functionality of the home drive, continuing to use OneDrive for all files is strongly recommended.

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