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Encouraging Canadian cities to consider their consumption-based emissions

Urban landscape with illustration of the globe and icons for the sustainable development goals.

Cora Hallsworth delivered a presentation on Consumption-Based Emissions Inventories (CBEI) to the Climate Caucus on March 2, 2023. The Climate Caucus is network of 600+ current and former local elected leaders and over 1000 allies, leading the transformation needed for communities to thrive within planetary boundaries.

Their members were interested to learn about how a consumption-based approach to evaluating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can help deepen action on climate change, and also bring equity into focus.

Human-induced climate change, as with much of our impact on natural systems, like biodiversity loss and pollution, is driven by unsustainable levels of consumption. Yet, typical municipal GHG emissions inventories and plans do not include the impacts of all consumption that is occurring within the boundaries of a community. They miss the impact of all the products and materials we import into our communities. The CBEI helps shine a light on all the consumption-related GHG emissions caused by a population regardless of where they occur worldwide.



Watch the presentation on YouTube