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National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Dear BCIT Community,

On National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, BCIT invites you to reflect, remember, and renew our collective commitment to creating safe and inclusive communities. Today serves as a reminder of our commitment to fostering an environment that rejects violence, discrimination, and inequality as we commemorate the lives lost and countless others impacted by gender-based violence

Today, December 6, marks the anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre in 1989, where the lives of 14 women were lost due to gender-based violence. This tragic event reminds us to examine the pervasive nature of violence against people based on their gender and to take collective action to eradicate it.

At BCIT, it is incumbent upon us as an educational community to uphold values that promote respect, diversity, and inclusion.

Today is not only a time for reflection but also a call to action – to encourage each of you to engage in open and honest conversations about the impact of violence against women and gender diverse people and the steps we can collectively take to prevent it. It is incumbent upon each of us to challenge harmful stereotypes, dismantle systemic barriers, and actively promote a culture of consent, respect, and equality in our teaching, learning, and workplaces.

On this National Day of Remembrance and Action, let us stand united against violence and honour the memories of those who have been lost. All flags, at all BCIT campuses will be at half-mast today in recognition of the commitment we share to stand against gender-based violence. Together, we can show respect for others’ expertise, insight, and inherent worth, and champion a culture that celebrates diversity of experiences, ideas, and perspectives.



Dr. Jeff Zabudsky