Parking at BCIT

BCIT provides pay parking facilities for employees, students and visitors at:

Notice: Parking Lot B Closure

As of Wednesday, August 13, 2014 parking lot B in the north east sector of the BCIT Burnaby campus will be partially closed due to a large construction project. This project involves the renewal of significant components within the BCIT electrical power grid.

A large electrical receiving station - the main point of connection between BC Hydro and the campus electrical grid – will be constructed with the expected completion date slated for September, 2015.

170 parking spaces in the north end of lot B will be closed and behind fences for the duration of the project, while 102 parking spaces at the south end of lot B will remain open.

Students can find alternate parking in the remaining spots in lot B, or in lots A, D, F, E G, J, K,  L, M, N, O and Q.

Over the duration of this project, portions of Goard Way will also be impacted by construction. Further information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

This project is central to ensuring BCIT's electrical grid is renewed and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Paid parking is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All vehicles that park on campuses must display a valid BCIT parking permit, a valid ticket purchased from a parking ticket dispenser, be registered with E-Permits, or for daily parking have purchased a parking space through the Pay by Phone Service.

To maintain orderly parking year round, and ensure that permit holders can park in designated areas, it is essential that vehicles park at all times only in the lot/area to which their vehicle is designated.Please refer to the BCIT Parking Policy [PDF].

Employees and students are encouraged to use public transportation, bicycles and car pools whenever possible. For further information please refer to:

Road and traffic reports

During events of extreme weather and road safety hazardous conditions BCIT will inform all employees, students and visitors of the closure of Institute operations. This information will be communicated to the following media radio stations:

Information on closure will also be posted on the BCIT Website, BCIT Alert, and BCIT Switchboard.

Please refer to the BCIT Procedure for Response to Inclement Weather [PDF] and Lower Mainland highways and weather conditions.

Any motor vehicle parked, operated, or driven on a BCIT campus shall be solely at the risk of the owner and the operator. BCIT shall not be liable for any damage occurring to any such motor vehicle, vehicle contents, operator, or any other person.

To help prevent theft from vehicles, please ensure that valuables are not left in vehicles or are locked in the trunk. Even better, leave valuables at home.

For parking information contact: the Parking Control Coordinator.