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Microcredentials are short, for-credit, modular programs or courses that help you quickly master new skills and gain knowledge essential in Canadian industries. Assessment is an integral component of these competency-based learning experiences, which can be combined towards credit for more comprehensive programs.

Advance your career

Learn emerging skills that are in demand, with modules and programs that are designed with industry needs at the forefront.

Build your resume

Add digital badges and credentials from BCIT to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Show employers you’ve got the skills and knowledge to help them succeed.

Maximize your investment

Microcredentials are focused and affordable while giving you a flexible option to pursue further learning.

Microcredentials offered for 2022

Featured Microcredential:

Forensic Nurse Examiner

Build on your training as a registered nurse. Learn about the legal and medical context of the Forensic Nurse Examiner role. Gain knowledge and skills to provide forensic health assessments in clinical settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Every year, nearly 50,000 students choose to study at BCIT, setting them on an exciting path for the career they want.


You’ll have options – you can start with a microcredential and build upon it by pursuing additional badges or ladder into a certificate.


Applied learning and connections to industry are in our DNA – our instructors bring real world expertise into the classroom with curriculum developed with industry input.

Highly regarded

One of the largest post-secondary institutes in the province, BCIT is synonymous with career-ready graduates and high employment outcomes.

There’s more to study at BCIT

You’ll find hundreds of programs & courses in our online catalogue.

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