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Leveraging the SDGs for Safe, Inclusive, Resilient & Sustainable Urban Housing Policy

Earth America The 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs for 2030 Half Orb.

UN-Habitat webinar for the CMHC Expert Group on Housing

The SDG Cities Global Initiative is an UN-Habitat flagship programme “designed to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in urban areas. SDG Cities supports cities to plan, develop, and finance innovative urban projects while aligning with the SDGs. This catalyzes economic gain while also improving the quality of life of residents and the health of the environment.”

UN-Habitat held a webinar held on March 30, 2023 that looked at the linkages between housing, the SDGs, and how Canadian cites are using their own uniquely adapted urban indicators to promote sustainable growth in urban spaces. This session was held for the CMHC’s Expert Group on Housing, a virtual community convened by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation of over 1,400 housing experts who contribute to the development of housing challenge solutions.

Christina Olsen from the Centre for Ecocities provided an overview of the Centre and our work measuring and managing consumption-based emissions and ecological footprint. She included examples from several BC municipalities that are aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or materials use through buildings-related policies.

Other presenters included:

  • Mohamed El Sioufi, urban development specialist, on the Canadian urban development and the international perspective
  • Karun Koernig, Co-Lead SDG Cities Canada Hub with UN-Habitat, on Canada and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Maria del Carmen, Secretary of Planning for the City of La Baz in Bolivia, and Rebecca Arnaud and Tanya Neish of the City of Brisbane in Australia, offered examples of using the Urban Monitoring Framework and localized indicators to track SDGs in their cities.
  • Dyfed Aubrey, Interregional advisor with UN-Habitat, on the SDG Cities global initiative

You can watch the webinar below. Christina’s presentation starts at 1:16:55.