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My Exchange at Hochschule Biberach

As soon as I heard about this amazing opportunity to pursue my studies abroad, I knew I was going to do anything to make it happen. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Attending one semester in the small city of Biberach has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had – meeting people from all over the world, learning a new set of design philosophies, and fully immersing myself in the wonders that are German culture. Not to mention that being located right in the middle of Europe allowed for me to travel through 20 different countries and over 35 cities throughout my time here. I have jammed with musicians from around the world, fallen down a hole in the basement of an abandoned Slovakian hospital, biked 130km through four different countries in one day, and drank more than my fair share of beer among other things. I would highly recommend this amazing exchange to anyone with the opportunity to do so, I know I have made many memories and friends that I will never forget.

Kai Buchan – BCIT Civil Engineering student

Group of twelve musicians on stage, smiling at the camera after a musical show.
After our show at Kaffee Bühne, with musicians from Germany, Syria, America, Gambia, and Canada.