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Youth Climate Leaders Prepare to Make Change for our Collective Future

multiple Hands holding earth.

The Centre for Ecocities, in collaboration with UN-Habitat, delivered its first international Climate Changemakers Youth Leadership Training on August 12th, 2021.

Based on the positive feedback from the pilot workshop delivered with Colleges and Institutes Canada, the invitation was extended to youth in other countries who were interested in making an impact in mitigating the global climate crisis. Out of the 94 registrants from Canada, United States, India, Iceland, Mozambique, Venezuela and beyond, we were joined by 55 participants in real-time while others accessed the workshop online at a later date due to the time difference.

The workshop included many passionate activists. One participant remarked,

“the [problem] is that we think that we live in an unlimited resourced world, when we are surpassing the biocapacity, the biophysical limits of the planet.”

The Climate Changemakers Youth Leadership Training workshop is an opportunity to engage youth and help them network with each other on a global scale to discuss their ideas and work together to help their local communities.

When asked what kind of change they aspire to effect at the height of their activism, many participants shared their ideal vision of the future: ending world hunger, cleaning up all the pollution and waste from the world, feeling reassured kids have a real chance at enjoying nature, ending inequality, and ensuring that a top priority of every person is bettering the environment and creating a world that all future generations can enjoy – to name a few.

Feedback from participants also recognized the facilitators for being informative, knowledgeable and, engaging, while also being attentive to their opinions and providing responses to their questions.

“Having diversity of voices across age groups is needed. Youth have wonderful perspectives we need now, more than ever,” says Christina Olsen, Centre for Ecocities Manager, “we want to support youth leadership on climate action in whatever way we can.”

The workshop is based on three modules:

  1. Sustainable Living: participants learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global sustainability challenges, and how to achieve one-planet living
  2. Leadership: participants learn how to organize and coordinate climate impactful projects in communities
  3. Governance: participants learn how to strategically communicate with government officials

The Centre plans to continue the workshop and aid in efforts to mobilize youth and provide them with the tools they need to create a more sustainable future.

If you are interested in future Climate Changemakers Youth Leadership Training workshops, please email us.