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General Information

Where do I get my tax form (T2202A) for tuition? What if my T2202A is incorrect?

Student Tax forms (T2202A) for the calendar year 2003 forward are available for viewing and download through myBCIT. T2202A forms for the previous year are generally available starting in the last week of February of the current year.

Please note: T2202A forms are no longer mailed to students.

For questions regarding tuition fee amounts, please email

If you require a print copy of your T2202-A tax form, please email or phone 604-432-8999.

For questions regarding course duration or registration, please email or phone BCIT Student Records at 604-432-8498.

Duplicate tax receipts for the academic year 2002 and earlier must be ordered through Student Records. Please request your Duplicate T2202-A Tax Receipt by completing the Document Request form [PDF], indicating the year(s) required.


How do I get my BCIT student number?

If you are a former or current BCIT student and can not remember your student number, you can search for it on the BCIT Secure Student Information System.

Students that have never attended or have never applied to BCIT will be assigned a student number when applying to a full-time program or when registering for their first part-time studies course.

Please note: Most BCIT students will have a student number. Prior to 1995, your BCIT ID was your social insurance number (SIN), which has since been replaced by a 9-digit number starting with a capital A (e.g. A00000000).


What happens if I have multiple student numbers?

Notify Student Records immediately at 604-432-8353. They will arrange to have all of the information moved to one student number only.


How do I change the name on my records?

If your name has been legally changed or changed through marriage/divorce, you will need to submit name change documentation to Student Records. Please provide ALL of the following:

  1. A copy of your name change document (marriage certificate or legal name change document). If you want to bring in the original we will make a copy of it for you.
  2. A major piece of ID with your new name, photo and signature. Government-issued ID is preferred (i.e. driver's license, passport, or provincial ID).
  3. Your old name, new name, current address, phone number, and current BCIT student number (the student number is very important).

If you cannot locate your name change document, then we will accept TWO major pieces of ID plus item 3 above. A driver's license is preferred because it shows your birth date. Both pieces of ID should reflect your new name.

Please visit Student Records for all name change requests or to obtain the Change of Name form [PDF]. Name change requests with the above-mentioned supporting documentation can also be sent to Student Records by fax at 604-431-0817.

If your name is spelled incorrectly or a name other than your legal name is on your records (e.g. you have used a nickname as your first name), notify Student Records that a name change is required. Submit government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license, passport or provincial ID) by fax, mail or in person.


How do I request my official BCIT transcript?

Ordering online at is the easiest and most efficient way to request an official transcript.  Requests can also be submitted in person, or by mail and fax.  Visit the Official Transcript Request page for further information and instructions.Top

How do I get a letter of enrolment or verification?

Students who have not started their program should contact Admissions.

Part-time students and full-time students currently attending or between terms of school should request a Verification of Enrolment by completing the Document Request form [PDF]. If a rush verification letter is requested, please contact Student Records as during peak processing times this service may not be available.

Please note: There are other ways of verifying your enrolment. If required, students should check with the requestor. Here are some other ways to verify enrolment:

Students that require letters of enrolment for government-issued student loans should check with Financial Aid as a letter from the school may not be required.


How do I get a receipt for my tuition payment?

Tuition payment receipts are available for viewing and download through myBCIT.

For assistance, contact Student Information and Enrolment Services.

For additional fee information, please see Fees and Financial Aid.


How do I get a replacement or duplicate diploma or certificate?

Diplomas and certificates are issued once to the student. Copies of these documents are not kept by BCIT. If your credential has been lost, destroyed or stolen, please request your duplicate diploma/certificate from Student Records by completing the Document Request form [PDF].

Please note: If you received a statement of completion for a part-time studies course, it was likely issued by the course program area. If you require a replacement statement of completion, please contact the program area directly.


What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget the password for logging in to the computer labs on campus or to your myBCIT account, please Client Services at 604-412-7444 (option 1) for assistance.


Does BCIT keep a record of past grades?

All grades for courses taken at BCIT will appear on your BCIT transcript. In some instances, grades may not be in the computer system and can only be found on microfiche. This will apply to PVI students, BCVS students, some trades students and PMTC students prior to merging with BCIT.


What should I do if I think there is an error on my BCIT transcript?

If you think there is an error on your transcript, please contact Student Records at 604-432-8353. Student Records can investigate or explain and recommend the course of action to correct the error if necessary.


How is my GPA calculated?

A student's GPA is calculated as a weighted average or grade point average. The weighted average equals the sum of the grade(s) earned multiplied by the credit value for each course(s), divided by the credit(s) attempted for both term and cumulative terms.

Generally speaking, the more credits assigned to a course, the more that course's grade will affect that term's GPA and the overall GPA.

All courses are included in the GPA calculation. Exceptions are grades of S, U, W, F (without a grade), TCR, ECR, CCR, AUD, ATT, EXT, LW, %L, SL, NGR, RTD, CIP and CFT. For more information about how grades calculate into GPA, please review BCIT's Student Evaluation policy [PDF].

Term Weighted Average Calculations

Example 1. Consider a term with the following percentage grades:

% Grade   Credits Attempted   Grade Points Achieved
51 X 6.00 = 306
68 X 5.00 = 340
65 X 3.00 = 195
46F X 7.00 = 322
53 X 6.00 = 318
64 X 3.00 = 192
    30.00   1673

Total credits attempted = 30.00 (includes a 7-credit course graded as 46F)
Total credits passed = 23.00
Weighted average for the term = 55.77
1673 / 30 = 55.77

Example 2. Consider a term with the following grades and transfer credits:

% Grade   Credits Attempted   Grade Points Achieved
52 X 6.00* = 312
58 X 5.00* = 290
N X 3.00* = 000
TCR X 7.00 = 000
ECR X 6.00 = 000
S X 3.00 = 000
U X 4.00 = 000
59 X 3.00* = 177
    *17.00   779

Total *credits attempted = 17.00 (includes a 3-credit course graded as "N")
+ credits passed = 24.00 (includes credits for course grades 50% or higher and those graded as "S" and "TCR"

Weighted average for term = 45.82
779 / 17 = 45.82

Cumulative Term Weighted Average Calculation

Cumulative term weighted average is the same as described in the examples 1 & 2 above, but considers all terms of registration.

Cumulative term weighted average = total grade point sum achieved / total sum credits attempted

The cumulative average for examples 1 & 2 is:
(1673 + 779) / (30 + 17) = 52.17


Can you explain the grades and standing codes?

Please review the Grading Procedure [PDF].


Where can I review my grades?

Students can view grades at myBCIT:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Check Grades link under Online Self Service
  3. Click Final Grades
  4. Pick your term from the Drop Down menu


Component grades (mid-term exams, assignments...etc) may be alternatively available at your Desire to Learn instance.


Part-time students

Where do I get my grades and when will they be posted?

Grades will be posted and available to students through myBCIT.

Please note: You will not be able to see your grades for the current term until BCIT has completed the grading process for your courses. If 4 weeks have passed since your course was completed and you wish to make an enquiry, please phone Student Records at 604-432-8353.

Student Records staff will not give grades to students over the phone or at the counter. They can only notify a student if the grades have been received or not.


What happens if I fail a course or test?

If you fail a course, the grade will be indicated on the transcript. That grade will remain on your transcript and calculate into the GPA even if you retake the course.


How do I withdraw from a class or classes?

If you have not yet passed the refund deadline, you can withdraw through Student Information and Enrolment Services. It is the student's responsibility to know when the refund deadline date is. Once the refund deadline for a course has passed, you must submit your withdrawal request to Student Records using the Request to Withdraw from a Part-time Studies Course [PDF].

For further information about part-time studies refunds, please visit Part-time Studies Fees and Refunds.


Why does my transcript indicate my program as undeclared?

If you are taking part-time studies courses towards a credential but have not declared your program by filling out the program approval form and submitting it to Student Records, your transcript will indicate that your program is undeclared.

When you apply for program approval your program will be declared for each term on your transcript from the date that you have received your approval letter. If you have applied and been approved for a program and your transcript is indicating your program as undeclared, please contact Student Records.


Where do I take forms that need to be signed by the registrar or school?

If you are a student currently attending BCIT, bring the forms to Student Records. Forms are processed in the order they are received. There is a processing time of 5 business days for all forms.

If you have applied to a full-time program and have not yet started classes, bring the forms to Admissions.


Full-time students

Where do I get the class schedule?

Log into your account at myBCIT to see your class schedule.  Please note this schedule is subject to change.


How do I apply for course transfer or credit exemption?

You can apply for transfer credit if you have taken a course at a previous institution that is similar to one offered in your program, or if you have taken an equivalent course through BCIT. Transfer credit application forms are available from Student Records. One application form is required for each course that you are trying to transfer.

Please view BCIT's Admissions policy [PDF] for more information regarding transfer credit.


How do I withdraw from a program?

Technology students can withdraw from their program by completing the Full-time Technology Withdrawal form [PDF] and submitting to Student Records.

Trades students can withdraw from their program by completing the Trades Withdrawal form [PDF] and submitting to Student Records.


How do I withdraw from a course within a program?

If you decide to withdraw from any of the courses within your program, contact your Program Head. The Program Head will send the necessary information for withdrawal to Student Records.


What happens if I fail a course?

If you fail a course, the grade will be indicated on the transcript. This grade will remain on your transcript and calculate into the GPA even if you retake the course.