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No rush service available

ICES does not offer any type of rush or expedited service. We do not accept requests to expedite the application.

Timelines are calculated from the day that all required items are received.  This includes the application form, payment, identification (if necessary) and all mandatory documents.  The timeline is not necessarily counted from the from the date the application is submitted, but rather when all items are received. In addition, processing times do not include the time it takes for the mail or courier service to deliver your final report.

Timelines are an estimate and not a guarantee and are subject to change at any time. They may be affected by:

  • Incoming volume of applications
  • Additional research required to complete your evaluation report
  • Additional inquiries required to complete your evaluation report
  • External factors such as Covid 19 challenges

General application processing time

Basic Report

The estimated processing time for a Basic Evaluation Assessments is 4 weeks from the date all required documents are received.

Comprehensive Report

The estimated processing time for a Comprehensive Evaluation Assessments is 7 weeks from the date all required documents are received.

For immigration (ECA) processing time

The current estimated processing timeline for an ECA is within 20 weeks. Evaluations that require additional research or further inquiries to external authorities may take longer.  Please keep in mind timelines only begin once all requirements have been met, including having received official documents from your educational institution, payment in full and any other outstanding documentation that may be required.

Update from a General Evaluation to an ECA

For clients who have already received a completed Basic or Comprehensive Evaluation based on official documents, the current estimated timeline is 4 weeks. This only applies if it is the same credential. If the previous evaluation is based on original documents, then it will be considered a new application and the above 20 week timeline will apply.

For ECA renewal

The estimated processing time for a renewal is currently 2-3 weeks.

For duplicate evaluation reports

The estimated processing time when ordering a duplicate copy of your evaluation is currently 7-10 business days.