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I understand and accept there are no refunds offered for canceled applications.

I understand that this Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report will be valid for a period of five years from the date it is issued, as per IRCC’s requirement.

I agree that ICES may retain my personal non-financial information for at least ten years from the date of my application, and that it may retain this information indefinitely if ICES determines that my documents are not authentic.

I understand that measures will be taken in the event that my documents are determined to be false, including the nullification of any Educational Credential Assessment Reports already issued and notification to IRCC and other assessment agencies, which will include my name and date of birth.

I understand when ICES gives an estimated time of completion, it is calculated from the day the required documents are supplied to ICES. It is not calculated from the day I apply.

I understand that ICES will cancel, without refund, any application for assessment if any submitted documents have been falsified, forged, misrepresented, or altered in any way. ICES will also retain all official documents sent to our offices.

I understand that the ECA reports conducted by ICES are advisory only. ICES assessments do not guarantee, replace, or supersede those required by professional associations, educational institutions, or other organizations.

I understand that ICES reserves the right to verify educational credentials with the issuing institution/authority including, but not limited to, sending copies of transcripts to the institution/authority for verification and/or authentication.

I understand that ICES is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

ECA reports will not be released until all fees are paid in full.

BCIT collects personal information provided by you, through your registration, under the authority of Section 26 of the Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act RSBC. 1996, c.165 and the College and Institute Act, RSBC. 1996, c.52.

Your personal information will be used by ICES to provide you with a credential evaluation report. Personal information provided by you will be used to assess and evaluate the education earned outside of Canada against the accepted credentialed standards within Canada. It will be used for purposes directly related to the ICES program that are consistent with its administrative and operational mandate. If you are applying for or updating an existing Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Canadian Immigration purposes then your ECA report and the personal information contained within, will be disclosed to IRCC in support of that purpose. InfoSource website.

If you elect to use a courier service for the delivery of your ICES report, your personal information (client ID, telephone number and email) will be shared with the service provider, may be transmitted outside of Canada, and will be subject to that company’s terms of service and information handling guidelines. BCIT engages courier service providers with international reputations for service and delivery.

By registering through BCIT/ICES, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described above. Questions about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by BCIT may be directed to the
Associate Director, Privacy,
3700 Willingdon Avenue,
Burnaby BC V5G 3H2