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ICES reports are widely accepted by private and public sector employers in Canada. If you are applying to any one of the organizations listed below, you need to read and follow their specific instructions in the attached documents.

If the organization your report is for is not listed, you should consider the needs of the person you are going to show the report to. In general, employers and immigration authorities require a Basic Evaluation (which does not include a list of your individual subjects studied).

If the person you want to give the evaluation to wants to see all your courses, grades, and credits then you need a Comprehensive Evaluation.

If you are still not sure, ask the person you will show the evaluation to if they need to see the courses you took, your grades, and your credits (Comprehensive Report); or if they only want to know how your education compares to education in Canada (Basic Report).

If you do not see the evaluation requirements for certain organizations, please contact them directly to clarify what kind of evaluation report they require.

The growing list of other organizations using ICES includes: