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For clients who have applied through the online ICES portal, you may check your status on your dashboard. Clients who have applied by mail or in person, will not have access to online status updates.

In order to check your current status, please log in to the online ICES portal by using the same email address and password used to create the account.

The following is a list of possible statuses:

Application status Meaning of status

Application or payment has not been submitted

(each attempt made will result in a new status)

Submitted Application and payment has been submitted
Received Application has been entered into our system
Application cancelled Credential is not being evaluated
Incomplete file Further documents are still required
Documents Received Documents are being reviewed by ICES
Evaluation in progress Evaluation is underway

Assessment has been completed and final evaluation report has been mailed out

Please note: ICES only provides a hard copy of your final evaluation. The evaluation will not be available to view or download on your online account.

The status will update periodically throughout the timeline of the assessment as the file moves from one stage to the next. Please allow time for the status to update as this can take several days. The date of the status change will also be included. Visit Processing Time for more information.

The evaluation will not be available to view or download on your online account. It is sent as a hard copy only. If your evaluation has been completed but not yet received, please allow sufficient time for delivery by mail or courier service.