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Before you begin your online general application for your Basic or Comprehensive Report, you should be prepared.

Online application checklist

Please note: each applicant must apply individually using a unique email address. You cannot apply as a family or couple.

Go through our simple checklist to make sure you are ready to apply:

  1. Know which evaluation type you will be applying for: Basic or Comprehensive.
  2. Know which credentials you want evaluated.
  3. Know if you will be applying with your original documents or official documents and how to submit them to ICES.
  4. Have your credit card ready. Online applications only accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). You will be charged the applicable Service Fees. Don’t have a credit card? Apply by mail.
Important note

Do not create multiple accounts

Do not create multiple accounts with different email addresses or if you already have a previous BCIT  or ICES client number.

Multiple accounts with the same account information will generate an error message and delay your application. If you have problems with your account, please contact us immediately.

The online portal is set up for new clients that do not have a previous ICES client number. For those who already have a previous BCIT student number, you may encounter an error when creating your account. If you have problems with your account, please contact us immediately. This does not apply to ICES clients who already applied online previously.

Processing time & application status

Application processing times will depend on the current volume of applications.

ICES is only able to provide estimates of processing times. Please note that these processing times only begin once we have received your original documents or official documents and full payment.

Once an online application has been submitted, all future status updates will be provided on your online account. That is what should be checked if you would like to know whether or not your documents have been received. You can find out more information on our application status page.

Upgrading from Basic to Comprehensive

If you have already completed an online application for a Basic report, you may apply to upgrade your Basic report to a Comprehensive report. This option is available in the online application portal. Please refer to the General Application Fee Schedule for the cost to upgrade a report.

Evaluations that require additional research or documentation may take longer to complete than the timelines originally indicated.

Final delivery of report

Once your Basic or Comprehensive evaluation report is completed by ICES, you have the choice to receive the final report by regular mail or by courier. We do not provide digital copies. The report will not be available in your online account nor is it sent by email.  When applying via our online application portal, you will be asked to select regular mail or courier delivery service. Regular mail does not require payment of an extra fee. However, regular mail does not provide a tracking number. For an additional cost, ICES provides a courier delivery service that includes a tracking number.

ICES is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. It is your responsibility to keep ICES informed if your contact information or postal address changes (in writing).

Courier deliveries cannot be made to post office box numbers. If your only address is a post office box, we will default to regular mail for the delivery of your assessment.

Apply online

Ready to start your online application?

Please note: The online application only accepts credit cards.

Apply online

Mail-in application

ICES highly recommends using our online application portal. However, if you have a situation which prevents you from applying online–such as not having access to a credit card–you can apply by mail.

If you are unable to pay and apply online, we have a printable forms available on the forms page which can be sent by mail or courier. Do not send the application without a payment. Mail-in applications have the same document requirements and applicable service fees as our online application.

Submit documents to:

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
c/o General Application
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia