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Let us help you select the correct evaluation type for your general application: Basic or Comprehensive.

Organizations with predetermined evaluation types

Do you already know what organization you are applying to?

Some organizations have already determined what type of evaluation report you will need to apply: Basic or Comprehensive. Check the list of Organizations using ICES to see if the organization you’re applying to is on the list. If it is on this list, it means that your organization has decided for you if you require a Basic or Comprehensive evaluation.

If your organization is not listed, you will need to self-identify which report you need: Basic or Comprehensive.

Supplemental Report with Comprehensive Report

Some organizations require specific information from ICES in addition to a Comprehensive Report. If your organization requires a Supplemental Report, it will be stated in the list of Organizations using ICES. Supplemental Reports require an extra fee in addition to the Comprehensive Report fee, make sure to review our list of general application service fees to understand the full cost.

Country-specific requirements & restrictions

Some countries have specific requirements or restrictions for applying with ICES.

We recommend taking a look at our country-specific information before moving  forward with your application.

Country-specific information >

Choose your evaluation report type

Basic report

  • Most useful to those seeking general employment.
  • Lists each fully or partially completed educational credential and its comparable credential in Canada.
  • Lists the academic institution attended with a brief program description, and the number of years of education completed.
  • Normally takes a minimum of four weeks to complete from the date all necessary documents are submitted.

Comprehensive report

  • A Comprehensive Report includes all the information in a Basic Report but also lists courses and converts both grades and credits or units, and provides a calculation of the grade point average (G.P.A.)
    • In order to complete a comprehensive evaluation that includes a G.P.A., please supply documentation of ALL course attempts including failed or improved marks during your time of study. Applicants without this information will receive a modified report without a GPA.¬† If these marks are submitted at a later time after the evaluation has already been completed, a $51 revision fee will apply.
  • Most useful for seeking employment in a professional occupation, or admission to a post-secondary institution.
  • Identifies the language of instruction.
  • Normally takes a minimum of seven weeks to complete from the date all necessary documents are received by ICES.

Upgrades from Basic to Comprehensive

For a fee, you may request an upgrade from your Basic Report to a Comprehensive report. Please refer to the General Application Fee Schedule for costs.

Evaluations that require additional research or documentation may take longer to complete than the timelines originally indicated.

Selected your evaluation type?

Step 2: Requirements

If you know which evaluation type you require (Basic or Comprehensive) it’s time to learn about your document requirements.

Step 2: Requirements