Country Specific Document Requirements


The International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) cannot verify the authenticity of any academic documents from 1992-2002. If your studies fall outside these dates we may be able to evaluate your formalized academic credential, but it must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please see our document requirements page for more information about submitting a full set of documents.

Post-Secondary Education The following institutions cannot be evaluated by ICES at this time:
  1. Dunya University
  2. Bost University
Albania Secondary Education

Deftesë Pjekurie (Certificate of Maturity) with subjects and grades

Post-Secondary Education Diplomë (Diplomas) [e.g. Diplomë , Diplomë e Studimeve te Thelluara pasuniversitare, Kandidat, Doktor]
Certifikatë e Notave/Vërtetim (Certificates of Grades)

The following institutions cannot be evaluated by ICES at this time:
  1. SHLUP "Vitrina" (Public Higher University School “Vitrina”)
  2. SHLUJ "Universiteti Kristal" (Non Public Higher University School “Kristal University”)
  3. SHLUJ "Justiniani I" (Non Public Higher University School “Justiniani I”)
  4. Akademia e Ndërtimit, Tiranë (Tirana Academy of Construction)
  5. SHLP "Universiteti Elite" (Private Higher School “Elite University”)
  6. IPAL Shkolla e Lartë "Illyria" (Private Institution of Higher Education, Higher School “Illyria”)
  7. Akademia e Studimeve të Aplikuara, Durrës (Durrës Academy of Applied Studies)
  8. SHLP "Universiteti Planetar i Tiranës" (Private Higher School “Tirana Planetary University”)
  9. Akademia Pedagogjike, Tiranë (Pedagogical Academy of Tirana)
  10. IALP Shkolla e Lartë "Nëna Mbretëreshë Geraldinë" (Private Institute of Higher Education – Higher School “Nëna Mbretëreshë Geraldinë)
  11. IPAL "Kolegji profesional i sporteve, Fier" (Public Institution of Higher Education, “Fier professional college of sports”)
  12. Kolegj profesional "Argent", Shkodër (Professional college “Argent” of Shkodër)
  13. IALP "Shkolla e Lartë Amerikane e Tiranës" (Public Institution of Higher Education, “American Higher School of Tirana”)
  14. Shkolla e Lartë Private e Edukimit (Private Higher School of Education)
  15. Kolegjet Profesionale, private "Medicom" (Professional colleges, private “Medicom”)
  16. IP "Shkolla e Lartë Ndërkombëtare e Tiranës" (Private Institution “International Higher School of Tirana”)
  17. SHPAL "Gjon Buzuku", Shkodër (Public School of Higher Education “Gjon Buzuku”, Shkodër)
  18. SHLUJ "Medikadent" (Non public Higher University School “Medikadent”)
  19. Universiteti "Aldent" (“Aldent” University)
  20. SHLP "Hëna e plotë" (Bedër) (Private Higher School "Hëna e plotë" (Bedër)
  21. Kolegji Profesional privat "New Generation" (Private Professional College “New Generation”)
  22. SHLP "Logos" (Private Higher School “Logos”)
  23. SHLUP "Instituti Kanadez i Teknologjisë"  (Private University Higher School “Canadian Institute of Technology”)
  24. Kolegji Profesional "Ivoclar Vivadent & Partners" (Professional College "Ivoclar Vivadent & Partners")
  25. SHLAP "Pavarësia" Vlorë (Higher School of Public Education "Pavarësia" Vlorë)
  26. Akademia Profesionale  e Biznesit (Professional Academy of Business)
  27. IPAL "ISSAT" (Private Institution of Higher Education “ISSAT”)
  28. ShLUJ "Sevasti dhe Parashqevi Qiriazi" (Non public University Higher School "Sevasti dhe Parashqevi Qiriazi")
  29. SHLUJ "Justicia" (Non public University Higher School "Justicia")
  30. SHLUP "Wisdom University" (Private University Higher School "Wisdom University")
  31. Universiteti privat "Albanian University" (Private University "Albanian University")
Argentina Secondary Education

Bachiller/Bachillerato, Perito issued by the Ministerio de Cultura y Educación
Certificado de Notas/Calificaciones (academic transcript) issued by the institution attended

Post-Secondary Education

Diploma (eg. Licenciado/LicenciaturaTitulo ProfesionalMaestría/MagisterDoctor/Doctorado)
Certificado de Notas/Certificado Analitico/Certificado de Estudios (transcript)

Document Requirements