For Immigration: Step 3

Application Form

For Your Reference

Step by Step Checklist - ICES Applications For ECA Reports Require The Following:

  1. Submit your completed, signed ICES ECA application form with colour copies of your academic credentials (including the front and back of each document). Please read Terms and Conditions before signing the form. Submit the completed form via mail or email (only one is necessary, please do not send both)
    • Also include a colour photocopy of a government issued photo identification containing your date of birth (eg. passport, driver's licence) with your application.
    • Please include photocopies of the literal (not interpretive) certified translations of each of these academic documents into English or French (ICES will forward any official documents requiring translations to you directly should it be necessary) *blank back pages are not required if there are no stamps, signatures, markings or information present.
  2. If you are applying via email, please wait up to 10 business days for an ICES client number to be issued to you. The number will be sent via email directly to you.
  3. If you have applied via email, submit credit card payment via phone or fax form, please be sure to reference your ICES client number. More information about payment
  4. Please arrange for Official documents to sent directly to ICES from all educational institutions that you are requesting an assessment for. Please be sure that the documentation you request is issued by the appropriate awarding body/institute/university and not an affiliated college or school. These documents can be either sent by email or by mail directly to ICES from the educational authority
*Note the timeline for completion begins once we receive all the necessary documents and full payment.

Final Step: Mail to ICES