For Immigration: Step 3

Online application

Before you click the button below for the online application, you should be prepared.

The online application will allow you to check the status of your application by indicating:
No further details about the status of the evaluation will be available. This system is there to allow for general updates not specific ones about document receipt.

Other options

If you are unable to pay and apply online, we have a printable application available which can be sent by mail or courier.
If you have already completed an online application for a general evaluation you may apply for an updated report online.

In all other cases, use the form below.

Submission of PDF applications

Submit your completed, signed ICES ECA application form and ensure the following requirements are met:

For all applications

Those already with a previous BCIT or ICES id will not have access to the online application form.

APPLY NOW (The online application only accepts credit card)