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Welding is a Fabrication Process That Joins Materials, Usually Metals, by Causing Coalescence

Ever been fascinated by the idea of joining metal? Interested in having a good-paying, portable, practical skill? Learning to weld can open many career doors, or add to a Trade you already have, thereby making you that much more valuable as an employee.

The Welding Trade is vast, covering areas from structural steel used in high rises and bridges, the shipbuilding industry, mining, pipelines…virtually every industry employs welders.

Are you a “hands-on” person who doesn’t like to sit behind a desk? Do you enjoy meeting challenges and pushing your own limits?
Horizontal Plate Welding
Do you have patience and determination? These are qualities that welders need to succeed in their careers.

Our Programs

The three welding programs (Welder Foundation, Levels B and A) provide the training required for Provincial Welder certification.

Welder Foundation: This program is designed to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required for initial employment in the welding industry.

Level B: This program develops more advanced welding skills and related theory than were taught in the Level C program: pipe welding, gas tungsten arc welding, etc., providing graduates with a broader base of skills and more employment opportunities.

Level A: This program teaches more advanced welding skills and related theory than were taught in the C and B Level programs: pipe welding with stainless steel electrodes, low-alloy steel electrodes, more advanced blueprint reading and welding metallurgy, etc.

NOTE: Levels B and A are registered through the Welding Department only.