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The High-Tech Professional programs at BCIT's Downtown Campus bring people, technology and opportunity together to give your career a whole new start. Whether you're launching a new career in high-tech or taking your current career in a new direction, the HTP programs will give you the tools to succeed. HTP integrates business, interpersonal and technology skills in a hands-on, intensive and interactive environment that provides critical, practical experience.

HTP programs are as thorough as they are diverse, with offerings that include network administration and security, web design and development, tech support, office administration software skills upgrading, and web application development. They are also known and respected for being in step with current trends in both business and technology.

Business and the technology industry have long recognized the relevant, career-ready skills of BCIT graduates. In fact, more than 500 employer partners have hired HTP students and alumni for industry work terms, projects and full-time positions since the department launched in 1998 at BCIT's Downtown Campus.

If you want to launch your high-tech career from a proven platform, reach new heights with your current employer, or recruit a student developing world-class, job-ready skills for your enterprise, HTP at BCIT's Downtown Campus is the place.

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