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Jobs that Meet the Demands of the Future

If you're looking for a career that's in demand, consider network security and administration, technical support, programming and Web development, or office administration.

High-Tech Professional Programs, a department within the School of Computing at BCIT's downtown campus, offers intensive programs that combine business, professional, and technical skills in a realistic work environment. You'll learn from experienced professionals in a team-based cohort model and will have an opportunity to make valuable industry contacts through work terms and sponsored projects.

The Technical Web Designer certificate program combines the latest in web technologies with challenging assignments, structured projects, and industry experience. You will create sites, learn current web design trends, and use the latest web design software to develop a number of large sites. Upon completion of the program, you will have a web portfolio showcasing your work.

The Office Administrator with Technology program is designed to provide learners with the advanced computer and business skills required by administrative positions today.

The Technical Support Professional program focuses on help desk/call center support, network administration and troubleshooting; it combines technical and professional courses with hands-on learning. Formal classroom instruction is complemented by realistic business projects.

The Network Administration and Security Professional program prepares individuals to plan, manage, and secure the network infrastructure of an enterprise. The program includes knowledge and skill development in business communications and leadership as well as the essential technical knowledge. The technology focus of this program is network administration, with an emphasis on Windows environments, Linux environments, hardware tools, networking tools, project management, and security of the network infrastructure in both environments.

The Software Systems Developer Web Designer Option will provide individuals with a usability approach to web design. Students will use a structured product development cycle that incorporates the latest web technologies with communication skills. By completing two collaborative projects, graduates will be well-prepared to fill the increasing demand for interactive web designers and to meet the new challenges in creating universal web sites.

The Software Systems Developer Web Programmer Option will prepare individuals for entry-level careers in the highly-demanded areas of web application development, programming, and systems analysis. As well, graduates of this option may apply for acceptance into the BCIT Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems (additional prerequisites will be required).