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Construction Safety Officer, Knowledge That Will Save Lives

The area of safety in construction as well as other work environments has grown to be a viable career choice for many people.

BCIT's Construction Safety Officer Training can result in employment as a Construction Safety Officer and with additional training options offer advancement in the challenging and rewarding career of a safety professional.

  • Further training as well as work experience can lead the graduates to their Gold Seal certification.

    NOTE: in BC an applicant for the Gold Seal exam must have either,
    1. a CSO designation as well as the Construction Safety Specialist (CSS) designation given by the BC Construction Safety Alliance. There is also a prerequisite of safety experience. Details for the CSS can be found by visiting BCCSA.
    2. apply for review by the Canadian Construction Association and eligibility may be granted based on a combination of experience and education.
  • The credits for CNST 1100 and CNST 1104 can be applied to the Occupational Health and Safety certificate program which is delivered through distance education.
  • Following the successful completion of the CNST 1100 course, students can join the Applied Science Technicians and Technologists of BC (ASTTBC) and apply for their Construction Safety Officer Certificate. The ASTTBC is the only professional association in the province registering CSOs. Only as a registered safety professional with ASTTBC will you have the sole legal right to use the “Protected Title” of Construction Safety Officer and/or CSO You have taken the training, why not earn the right to use the title and have every reason to be proud of it.

For further information on safety training at BCIT please contact Matt Magee, Program Assistant, at 604-454-2266.