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We offer a wide variety of credentials and courses, ranging from Microcredentials to Advanced Certificates and individual courses on Net Zero Energy and Passive House construction, Zero Carbon, Energy Modelling and Energy Management, including Building Controls and Building Retrofits.

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100% Tuition Costs for 3 Microcredentials

Stronger BC future skills grant

Winter 2024: Funding under the StrongerBC future skills grant program will be available in Winter 2024 for those learners who initiated a program of study in the Fall 2023 term using their future skills grant grant funding of $3500 and whose program extended beyond that first semester (midstream learners).

Fall 2024: For other students, we are pleased to confirm there will be funded programs available in the Fall (September) 2024 term. This funding will be available for new learners who have not yet accessed future skills grant funding, and for those who have already accessed future skills grant funding less than the $3500 lifetime maximum.

Available Funding